Rice Powder, Herbal First Sale Mooryati Soedibyo

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Hj BRA Mooryati Soedibyo (Photo: Ferries / Okezone)

BUILD strong a business empire would begin with small steps first. For instance, Mooryati Soedibyo who started his business by selling herbal rice kencur.

Herbs, herb native Indonesia is quite unbelievable potent cure some diseases and complaints. Apparently, the herbs also be the beginning of a Mooryati Soedibyo entrepreneurs plunged in the field.

"Since childhood, when I was sick definitely fed herbal medicine," said Founder of Miss Indonesia Foundation (YPI) is currently the exclusive interview with Okezone strong at his residence, Menteng, Central Jakarta, some time ago.

Experiencing childhood in the palace, the grandson of His Majesty Sri Pakoe Boewono X Kraton Surakarta has diakrabkan with a variety of herbal and traditional ingredients.

Armed with traditional recipes, herbal rice Mooryati kencurnya also sells by word of mouth. "I make rice kencur because bikinnya easiest," she said.

Because do not have a store, she brings 85 years of herbal medicine in various forums. "I take it to a gathering of mothers, there are many who like it, " he continued.

Who would have thought if the herbal concoction Mooryati court eventually inundated with requests. "I started from herbal rice kencur, many are asking ultimately for slimming medicine," he said.
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Barli Asmara Show, Always There Whulandary Herman

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Barli-Whulandary (Photo: ist)

BEFORE won the event Puteri Indonesia 2013, known as the Herman Whulandary catwalk models . And one of the designers who never missed any opportunity t o use the Whulandary is a talented young designer, Barli Asmara.

Various show held Barli Asmara, whether its show to a single or specific event does involve a lot of models. However, there is a beautiful model that never lags participated in street demonstrations Barley is Whulandary Herman.

It was like a spoken Barli Asmara to strong Okezone through the BlackBerry Messenger service , Monday (04/02/2013).

"We knew it was a long time in the fashion industry . Usually we are often met or met in some events which incidentally provides a model Whulandary. From there, I would have a feeling , for some reason I perasaaanya like the same child, "he said.

Barley said that in his travels, doing various promotions also always involves Whulandary Herman.

"As show I remove Macramé, he was also one of the key point me. Because it can be exotic, color of skin can also be due to the same color as her skin. And some photos too sure I should use him, whether it post card or video campaign . It happen must be him, "said the designer was friendly.

Most recently, show IPMI trends 2013, continued Barli, also involves Whulan to bring his best clothes. "Until The Fringe (theme trends show IPMI 2013 Barley-red) yesterday he became the cover. It really means a lot to me, for my career. He gave a very good result for me, "he added.

Whulan so often use the services of the workers behind the scenes even know if there show Barli the gong should use Whulan.

"And the funny thing is every choreographer, the agency is also to know that Herman was gong Whulandary definitely make Barli. So, if show Barli Asmara, it should be there Whulandary Herman, "he concluded.

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Rossa Proud Miss World held in Indonesia

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Rossa (Photo: motodream.net)

SITE Miss World 2013 will be held in Indonesia. Surely this is a proud achievement for our beloved country.

People from all walks of life were also greeted well. Even they do not stop to provide support in the organization of international events that. As one of the beautiful singer Rossa.

"Fabulous really , should be proud of our baseball easy loh trusted host. It was incredible, we have to support, "he said when met strong Okezone at Puro Restaurant, South Jakarta, recently.

In addition to calling for support to the wider community, Rossa also hope after holding the Miss World later obtained some positive outcome. Such as the world becomes more know that Indonesia has a place that is equally interesting.

"The world should know that a lot of great places in Indonesia, ranging from foodstreet to the international class there, "he concluded. strong (ind) strong (tty)                                             

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Ramli figure True Mentor

Ramli figure Mentor straight

K. Revelation Utami - Okezone
Sunday, January 27, 2013 6:07 pm
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Ramli (Photo: dock Okezone)

LOSS a master designer country, Ramli, recently brought deep sorrow for the creative industry workers. One of these designers Yogie Primary.

As someone who works with Ramli, Yogie to miss the figure of the designer model. According to him, all his work has been really dedicated to introducing the beauty of Indonesian culture to the world.

"I am saddened and mas Ramli very good person and a true mentor," said the designer who introduced the motif closely- Indonesia's batik motif while talking exclusively with strong Okezone , not long ago.

Although he claimed not to know Ramli so close, but as a senior he was a role model figure and is always used as the inspiration for him. "As an inspiration for sure, because I appreciate the hard work he is where he can really dig how to see from his perspective," he concluded. strong (ind)
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Michelle Obama Inauguration Today Show More Modest

Michelle Obama class="tn">

Ainun Muftiarini Fika - Okezone
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 1:09 pm
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Barack & Michelle Obama (Photo: Mr. O)

ALL eyes on the event inauguration of U.S. President Barack Obama. Moreover, many are wondering how they look.

And one of the highlights of course the appearance of the United States First Lady Michelle Obama and her two daughters. For many people who are curious about the dress she was wearing. Moreover, previously was never informed about the clothing wo rn.

As seen in impressions ABCNews, Michelle was seen wearing a dress Sleeveless gray with black accents. Heels shoes classic model looks complement any color matching it. While both pieces of her more colorful in the selection of clothing worn while attending his father's repeated vows.

Sasha was seen wearing a dress with a piece A - line purple color combined with trench coat blue, necklaces and accessories. While his brother was wearing a dress with cutting H - line color purple.
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Dress It Make Men Crazy

This Dress Make Men Crazy

Ramadian Gita - Okezone
Saturday, January 19, 2013 12:17 pm
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proper makeup makes men crazy (Photo: Cosmopolitan)

WANT to steal the attention away from him, there's nothing wrong if mensontek style dressed like this.

Women and make up as two inseparable. For a woman, make up not only to beautify themselves, but also filling the gap. The right makeup can make a man was also hooked.

Here are some grooming styles that you can try, as reported Cosmopolitan.

strong Na tural

"I love it when women do not use make-up at all. Maybe this sounds corny, but it makes me know that she was caring for her skin properly. It also shows his confidence without having to wear foundation at all, "- S. Dawson

strong Smoky Eye

"I like when she wore smoky eye makeup . Very sexy and mysterious. "- Nick R.

strong Light eye shadow

" When women wear eyeshadow light around the eyes, it makes it shine. If lipstick is too bright, I was afraid to kiss him, "- Brandon E. strong (tty)                                             

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Beautiful bun Creator Himself? Easy Kok

bun Beautiful Creator Himself? Easy Kok

K. Revelation Utami - Okezone
Saturday, January 19, 2013 6:13 pm
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gorgeous bun (Photo: Google)

ORDER hair style show to make it look more beautiful and classic. One of the styles that can be tried is the order of the bun where you can apply it in some important occasions.

Flaunt bun order to provide different aura on your face. However, during this time many people have difficulty creating his own creations bun. If you're one of them, first consider the following trick. Najeeb Ur Rehman, National Technical Head , Schwarzkopf Professional India tells you how to get the hair style when I want to go to a party, told the Times of India .

- Let your hair loose first then choose the side you want to be a bun. Pull hair to one side and create two horses, each with one hand.

- Tie closely both by way of smoothing your hair into a loose knot.

- Reduce the hair to the right side and insert hairpins to hold it. Repeat on the left side in a similar manner.

- Finish with hairspray in order to make a strong bond and always immaculately maintained. strong (ind) strong (tty)                                             

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