How to Quickly Increase Breast Volume

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HAVE A fast and beautiful breasts is every woman's desires. But the effects of gravity or changes in shape that occur postpartum create forms breast changes. This is one cause of reduced confidence in appearance, both when hanging out in the social sphere and in the presence of my beloved husband. Durabust that uses radio frequency therapy is one treatment and additional firming of breast volume without the risk that can be tried.

How to Quickly Increase Breast Volume
Self-confidence are important, especially for the modern woman who has a myriad of activities. Taut and beautiful breasts are one factor that can make more radiating confidence. No woman who wants to change the form of her breasts and down, so they no longer beautiful. But natural forces could not be resisted. Women should be familiar and comfortable with these changes, either because of gravity or the postpartum and lactation. Breast forms adult women will no longer be the same as a young girl.

To maintain beautiful breasts and looked toned, in many ways and treatments available lately. Ranging from plastic surgery, acupuncture, pump therapy, to traditional ways can be selected. But do not arbitrarily choose the treatment, safety and side effects should be a major concern to avoid a larger problem in the future.

Durabust therapy is an effective breast firming using radio frequency devices. Not only breasts, but the face, head and other body parts can be fastened also by using this tool. In addition to tightening its form, this treatment can increase the volume of the breasts become fuller and makes the colors became more bright and beautiful.

Total production of collagen in the skin becomes less and less as you age, so the skin becomes flabby or experiencing relaxation. Radio frequency will stimulate the dermis layer to produce more collagen with the aid of a conductive gel electrode CAR. CAR gel consists of a mixture of natural collagen with gingko biloba which provides stimulating effect on breast firming.

"Radio frequency will enable energy and turn it into a biological effect that can increase skin metabolism to the nutrients contained in this gel could be absorbed through the dermis layer"

More contained and Clear

Results and significant changes will be visible at first treatment done. After and before treatment performed, breast firmness was measured for the patient can immediately see the changes. Changes in breast volume increase and increase usually occurs between one to four centimeters. If the treatment is done by routine one times in the first two weeks followed by once every week for the next month, and an increase in breast shape can be maintained from the pull of gravity, so that its shape remains taut and beautiful all the time.

"For this type of breast that was very down, therapy should be done routinely. Although I could not go back like a girl, but the breast will feel firmer and denser with skin that is also brighter"

Generally durabust therapy with radio frequency could be from a woman who started or have been breastfeeding until the age of 40 years. There are no restrictions or special criteria, this treatment can be done by adult women who feel the beauty of the breast has been reduced. Although no side effects for women will be brought about in general, for patients with heart disease who are already using pacemakers and pregnant women, breast firming using radio frequencies is not recommended. This is to avoid the reaction of the radio frequency on the pacemaker and the fetus are less good.

Durabust stages of therapy by using radio frequency:

1. The breast area with a sponge or towel soaked washlap, and cleaned by using a cleanser and rinse thoroughly.

2. Breast-massage for about 10 minutes after previous topical cream massege then again cleaned from the remaining cream massage with warm towels.

3. CAR gel containing collagen and gingko biloba is applied evenly and gradually to the whole breast by about 30 mg.

4. Radio frequency therapy is done by using the red electrode which serves to mengatifkan energy and increase metabolism, so that the energy and nutrients may be channeled through the skin. Starting with the right breast from the collarbone or clavicula, to the outer edge of the breast near the armpit with the direction of movement of the straight or gently rotates downward to open the flow of lymph node or lympathic, for about 15 to 20 minutes. For the shape of the breasts have been very down, the movement made ​​the top 10 to 13 minutes longer, then pulled toward the bottom of the armpit for five to seven minutes.

5. Ampoule firming applied and left for 10 minutes.

6. Followed by applying a peel-off mask, multivitamin and allowed to dry for 20 minutes. After the mask is removed and cleaned.

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mackenzie said...

My friend has attachable breast forms and she loves them. They look so real and I think its better than getting breast surgery.

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